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#include <window_manager_interface.h>

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virtual PanelDockWidgetaddPane (const std::string &name, QWidget *pane, Qt::DockWidgetArea area=Qt::LeftDockWidgetArea, bool floating=true)=0
virtual QWidget * getParentWindow ()=0

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Definition at line 42 of file window_manager_interface.h.

Member Function Documentation

virtual PanelDockWidget* rviz::WindowManagerInterface::addPane ( const std::string &  name,
QWidget *  pane,
Qt::DockWidgetArea  area = Qt::LeftDockWidgetArea,
bool  floating = true 
) [pure virtual]

Add a pane to the visualizer. To remove a pane, just delete it. For example: "delete my_panel_dock_widget;". Other operations can also be done directly to the PanelDockWidget: show(), hide(), close(), etc.

Implemented in rviz::VisualizationFrame.

virtual QWidget* rviz::WindowManagerInterface::getParentWindow (  )  [pure virtual]

Implemented in rviz::VisualizationFrame.

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