choose-master Namespace Reference


class  ChooserDialog
class  DeleteButton
class  MasterURIItem
class  ScannerThread


def getNodesOnMaster
def readRecentMasters
def sigintHandler
def writeRecentMasters


tuple app = QApplication( sys.argv )
tuple dialog = ChooserDialog( program, os.environ[ 'ROS_MASTER_URI' ])
list program = sys.argv[1]
tuple timer = QTimer()

Function Documentation

def choose-master::getNodesOnMaster (   master_uri  ) 

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def choose-master::readRecentMasters (  ) 

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def choose-master::sigintHandler (   signal,

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def choose-master::writeRecentMasters (   master_uris  ) 

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Variable Documentation

tuple choose-master::app = QApplication( sys.argv )

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tuple choose-master::dialog = ChooserDialog( program, os.environ[ 'ROS_MASTER_URI' ])

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list choose-master::program = sys.argv[1]

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tuple choose-master::timer = QTimer()

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